Why Participate

What is ET’s objective in the program?

ET seeks to foster a culture of innovation in the country. With this objective in mind, ET created The Power of Ideas as a humble platform to groom and nurture entrepreneurs by connecting them with relevant mentors and investors.

Can I participate in the program?

Yes, if you have an innovative business idea, you can participate. The only eligibility criteria is that you must be an Indian resident national and above 18 years of age.

Do I need to be currently running a start-up to participate?

No, The Power of Ideas invites all those with a business idea to participate. Whether you are a year-old garage operation, or someone who has just begun working towards a prototype, or even if you have been nursing an idea but haven’t yet put it in words, give it a shot here.

Take advantage of the ‘Start-up Sessions’ being conducted across India where industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts from academia will answer your queries on the nuances of starting-up.

How do I participate in The Power of Ideas?

Log on to www.etpowerofideas.com. and fill in the business summary format, which is also the means to register your business idea with the program. (For details, go through the sample Business Summary Format given below)

How can I benefit from the program?

Regardless of the stage your business idea is in, you stand to gain from The Power of Ideas at every stage. Here is a snapshot of exactly how:

Program feature Benefit to entrepreneur
The Business Summary Format The first step to putting your thoughts down as a proper plan helps put it in perspective
Startup Sessions Critical inputs on the nuances of starting-up from people who have, literally, been there and done that. If you have a question about starting-up, this is the forum to seek an answer for it
Mentoring Mentors with experience in relevant sectors in will work with you on your business plan adding tremendous value to your idea
Residential workshop Regardless of how experienced you may be, seven days of interfacing with experts from industry and academia at IIM-A will take your business idea to a new level, where you will be able to pitch it better to investors
Guaranteed Funds Rs. 6.2 crore of guaranteed funds, a mix of cash grants and seed funding, should be motivation enough for you to participate

View sample business summary format (Click Here)